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About Eva-Lynn

A professor at University of Toronto, Eva-Lynn Jagoe teaches in the Spanish and Portuguese department, and the Centre for Comparative Literature. Her areas of research include critical and cultural theory, environmental humanities, Latin American studies, film, and literature. Eva-Lynn writes academic prose, creative nonfiction, and fiction. As well as teaching university students, she also offers workshops on public-facing writing for academics. She is also a certified Iyengar yoga teacher at Studio Po.

Latest Published Work

Take Her, She’s Yours

Take Her, She’s Yours merges memoir with critical theory as she recounts the unraveling of everything she thought she knew about selfhood, relationships, and desire.

Take Her, She’s Yours

Latest Writing

The Uses and Abuses of Compost

Imagine a Swiss chard plant with glossy green leaves and a fuchsia pink stalk. You plan to cook a nice […]

The Tangled Roots of Family, Forest, and Farm

Abstract: When my family started stewarding eight acres in British Columbia, Canada, we encountered a pervasive pioneer species or “weed”—quackgrass—that […]

How Will We Farm?

It begins with the story of a young boy, in England, some four decades ago, helping his grandfather till a […]

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