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Eva-Lynn’s essays, articles, and stories have appeared in magazines, newspapers, as well as numerous academic journals.


Who are We Trying to Reach: The Case for Academic Writing that Everyone Can Read

In 1980, my father asked each of us kids to write what we thought we would be doing in the […]

What teaching yoga has taught me about being a professor

Humanities professors face pressure to be charismatic performers and to be personally engaging, especially now that classes have gone online due to COVID-19, writes Eva-Lynn Jagoe. The author describes how discouraging it can be to not have physical feedback, like a smile or nod from students, to reflect engagement. However, reflecting on the experience of teaching yoga, Jagoe explains how students can have intense inward concentration while focusing on themselves, and provides several points or ‘tenets’ to keep in mind while teaching.

The Uses and Abuses of Compost

Imagine a Swiss chard plant with glossy green leaves and a fuchsia pink stalk. You plan to cook a nice […]

The Three Sisters

Before they became what they are now, they were something else. Alive with everything there was: coral, molluscs, algae. Dead […]

The Tangled Roots of Family, Forest, and Farm

Abstract: When my family started stewarding eight acres in British Columbia, Canada, we encountered a pervasive pioneer species or “weed”—quackgrass—that […]

The Finca

The first notes of Federico Fellini’s Amarcord soundtrack emanate from the hifi. My uncle plays it loud, when the heat […]

Solarity Farm

Published in The New Quarterly 160, Fall 2021 Soon after our offer is accepted, Imre and I go for a […]

Sexual harassment allegations have changed how we interpret theatre

Albert Schultz was sympathetic in a play about an unfaithful husband, but as sexual assault and harassment allegations have swept […]

Pedagogy, Writing, and the Future of Comparative Literature

“Pedagogy, Writing, and the Future of Comparative Literature.” Canadian Review of Comparative Literature/Revue Canadienee de Littérature Comparée.

On Becoming an Imperfect Mother

The younger stands in his underwear, his tongue contorting the way it always has when he concentrates. He paints one […]

On Backyards, Property, and New Mythologies of Belonging

Social Science Fiction as Method In Four Futures: Life After Capitalism, Peter Frase distinguishes between the genre of “futurism” and […]

I’ll Eat You Up: Fears and Fantasies of Devouring Intimacies

Through storytelling, this essay explores hunger and desire as it weaves fairy tale with theories of orality. Jagoe links an […]

How Will We Farm?

It begins with the story of a young boy, in England, some four decades ago, helping his grandfather till a […]

Depersonalized intimacy: the cases of Sherry Turkle and Spike Jonze

WHAT I CALL “DEPERSONALIZED INTIMACY” posits modes of being with one another that are not predicated on a self that is […]

Attention’s Deficits

When he was little, my son would do some slapstick antic and we would all laugh. He’d see our faces […]

“Solar Goop: Energy Futures and Feminist Self Care”

The thick clusters of roses are pale pink on the outer edges and darker as they get closer to the […]

Published Books

Eva-Lynn has published two full-length books, and is currently writing a critical memoir about Spanish history, memory, and climate change.